Season II Episode V

We discuss Chapter 4 of Dracula. Jonathan Harker awakens in his own bed at the castle but is not convinced the encounter with the evil women was a dreamThe Count instructs Jonathan to write three letters to his home acquaintances which are to be postdated to seal the fate of his demise.Jonathan throws additional letters, … Continue reading Season II Episode V

Season II Episode IV

Dracula, Chapter III. We discuss Jonathan Harker still being a reluctant guest in Dracula's Castle and mention the upcoming Netflix release Yasuke (Yas-Kay) the Black Samurai coming April 29th featuring the vocal talents of a real life family member of Melysette, so please watch. Upon discovering he's a prisoner, Jonathan Harker pretends to not know … Continue reading Season II Episode IV

Season II Episode II – Dracula Chapter I (Airdate April 3, 2021)

Chapter I of Bram Stoker's Dracula follows Jonathan Harker, an Englishman, on his travels through Eastern Europe to Transylvania. The date of his travel over the Borgo Pass is April 22rd, the eve of St. George's Day. This is a day where it's said that the spirit world and the physical world are close and … Continue reading Season II Episode II – Dracula Chapter I (Airdate April 3, 2021)

Season II Episode I Season Premiere (Air Date 3/20/21)

Season II premiere featured an interview Cagen Luse of Comics in Color - an event happening April 22-April 24. Rapper, musician, and actor Ro Rockwell and actor Weston Cage Coppola came on to discuss their upcoming music project Archduo, and we talked about Weston's movie Assault on VA-33 (Assault on Station 33 in the United … Continue reading Season II Episode I Season Premiere (Air Date 3/20/21)