Season II Episode IV

Dracula, Chapter III. We discuss Jonathan Harker still being a reluctant guest in Dracula’s Castle and mention the upcoming Netflix release Yasuke (Yas-Kay) the Black Samurai coming April 29th featuring the vocal talents of a real life family member of Melysette, so please watch.

  • Upon discovering he’s a prisoner, Jonathan Harker pretends to not know what’s going on
  • Jonathan discovers that nobody except for The Count is taking care of the castle and was likely the carriage driver on the night of his arrival
  • The Count regales Jonathan with talks of Transylvanian history claiming to be descended from Attila the famous tribal Hun leader
  • Dracula refers to his nationality as Székely a Hungarian subgroup of in Romania
  • The Count regales military history of Romania in the middle ages
  • Jonathan writes letters on The Count’s insistence to contacts in England not leading on that he feels as though he’s in grave danger
  • Trying to find an escape, Jonathan ignores the Count’s insistence on staying in his own room and discovers three seductive women
  • Wishing to be kissed by the women, one proceeds to hover her mouth before biting down on Jonathan’s neck
  • Dracula rescues Jonathan from the women who claim to be hungry. He hands them a wiggling bag containing a human baby to consume
  • The women seemed to vanish and Jonathan faints from what he’s witnessed

Tribes Mentioned

  • Huns
  • Hungarian (Magyar – see above)

Article from Romania-Insider.Com about Romanian Medieval States


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