Season II Episode III

Chapter II arrives to find Jonathan Harker as s a nervous guest at Count Dracula’s castle in the heart of the Carpathians.

  • Count Dracula is an old man with a white hair, a long moustache, with prominent canine teeth and red lips.
  • Jonathan is in Transylvania as he’s in charge of helping the Count secure his new property in England, Carfax Abbey (the estate at Purfleet)
  • The home is very old with antique tapestries and furniture, which while faded with age, are still impressive to the eye
  • The Count keeps Jonathan up long hours discussing England and while Jonathan sleeps the day away, the Count goes away on business
  • The Count has extensive libraries of books and magazines in English which entertain Jonathan in between journal writing
  • While shaving with his mirror, the Count sneaks up on Jonathan startling him. Jonathan didn’t notice any reflection to alert him the count was near and he accidentally cut himself as a result.
  • Jonathan’s mirror abruptly cracks for seemingly no reason
  • The Count acts demonically at the sight of Jonathan’s blood, but quickly shuddered an excused himself at the discovery of the crucifix around his neck.
  • Discovering locked doors and the fact that the castle is located atop a gorge, Jonathan realizes he is a prisoner.

Dracula Lore from this Chapter

  • Crucifix
  • No reflection in mirror
  • Count never seen during the day

Foods Mettioned


Map Location of Dracula’s Castle

Map Location of Purfleet (Location fictional Carfax Abbey)

Purfleet, UK on the Thames


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