Season II Episode II – Dracula Chapter I (Airdate April 3, 2021)

Chapter I of Bram Stoker’s Dracula follows Jonathan Harker, an Englishman, on his travels through Eastern Europe to Transylvania. The date of his travel over the Borgo Pass is April 22rd, the eve of St. George’s Day. This is a day where it’s said that the spirit world and the physical world are close and monsters come to life.

  • This is in a journal format
  • Memo’s appear for Mina to refresh Jonathan’s memory
  • Jonathan hears, but doesn’t believe, the superstitions from the locals
  • The language spoken by Jonathan to the locals is German, if the conversations become uncomfortable they pretend they don’t understand what Jonathan is saying.
  • They give Jonathan religious icons to protect him, something he doesn’t agree with being a member of the Church of England but he accepts as hospitality.
  • He’s travelling via horse carriage

Religious Icons

Ethnic Groups Mentioned

Foods Mentioned (Recipes)


Map of the region where Jonathan Harker is travelling

Traditional Slovak attire as described by Jonathan Harker


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